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We Could Not Love Our House More

Friday, August 9, 2019  |  Community, Good Letters, Homeowner Stories

Dear Mr. Neal:

Recently we contracted to have our second home built in Grand Palm. We originally purchased a villa and after two years, decided that we were ready to upgrade to a larger home. We are so happy that we did because we could not love the house more than we do; it is truly amazing. Mr. Neal, I am writing to you to let you know exactly why we love the house.

This letter is based on real life experiences in the home building market and I am hoping you give the proper credit due to our builder Marshall Kutz.

From the day that Marshall first contacted us, he was respectful and convincing that he was in “partnership” to provide us with a product that would more than satisfy our expectations. He considered our experience with home building as he developed a relationship that ultimately allowed us to trust that he was building our home as if it were his own. Marshall stayed in touch and quickly responded to any of our concerns.

The day we walked through our new home, I will never forget how Marshall insisted that we walk around the side of the house to the rear yard before entering the front door. Again, he added that “Marshall” touch, remembering how important it was to me for the house to be positioned so that we could have a direct view of the pond. His presentation of the view was grand, personal and sheer delight. A moment I will always remember with a smile!

Thank you for taking the time to read this important message. It is far too often that people communicate deficiencies when there are certainly good stories to be told. I know that you must be proud to have someone like Marshall on your team, and we are proud to live in a house that boasts the quality that he demanded during the building process.

Hats off to Neal Communities and Marshall Kutz!

John & Joanne Schmidt
Grand Palm