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DIY Halloween Decorations

Friday, October 25, 2019  |  News

Halloween is creeping up, no pun intended. Is your home ready? From paper bats to painted pumpkins, we’ve done our research and rounded up the most time efficient and easy to make Halloween decorations! Unleash your creative side with these simple DIY Halloween decorations to set the spooky mood in your home.

Paper Bats
These fluttering winged critters are an asset to any space. Paste them on a vacant wall or hang them from the ceiling to mimic them in their natural habitat, grazing across the night sky.

Painted Pumpkins
You won’t be needing to gather a knife, scoop, or chisel to decorate your pumpkins for this craft. Set the pumpkin carving kit aside this year and make one of these stunning painted pumpkins instead. Peruse through these pumpkins in the hopes that they’ll inspire you to create something truly special with your family this October.

Mini Ghost Garland
The mini ghosts on this Halloween banner are a cute and quick addition to a styled mantel, cart, or simply haunting on a wall or door. All you need to make this banner is some cheesecloth, plastic golf balls, hot glue, and a black marker.

Skeleton Bubble Bath
This cute and clever skeleton will be the epicenter of your home decor. If you wanted to make it a little spookier, consider adding a smoke machine and a black light. You could even set up a speaker to play bubbling noises on loop to bring the scene to life.