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Top 4 Back to School Driving Tips

Tuesday, September 15, 2015  |  Lifestyle

School is back in session which means drivers have to be much more cautious when traveling to and from work. When driving through your Neal Community, keep in mind these safety tips.

Be careful around corners. ​Kids love to play outside when they come home. While driving through your communitiy, please be mindful of children playing on the street.

Drive the speed limit.​ It is always important to drive the speed limit, especially when there are kids around. Be extra safe so that you can slow down to let the kids move out of the way before continuing on your way.

Be careful of rolling balls. If you see a ball rolling across the street, stop immediately! Make sure that there is no aspiring basketball, football, or tennis pro running onto the street after the ball.

Do not use a mobile device. ​It is never safe to drive when using a phone. Do the smart thing and wait until you get home, especially within your neighborhood, where children are likely to be playing.

texting and driving

We at Neal Communities cherish our your resident and want drivers to remain as safe as possible at all times. We hope these tips will help you drive safe during the school year. Share any other driving tips with us on our Facebook page.