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Top 3 Benefits of Dog Parks

Thursday, September 17, 2015  |  Activities

Having a dog is one of the most exciting times in one’s life. It’s full of playful moments, cute photos, and most memorably, time at the dog park! There are so many reasons why you should be going to the dog park more often, so we narrowed it down to the three most important:

3. Health & Exercise

At Neal Communities, we believe that residents should be in an environment that benefits them physically and that doesn’t stop with their pets. Because we love your loyal companions, we have built dog parks within our communities that are right outside your doorsteps.

One of the most obvious reasons to take your dog more often is to make sure that it gets the proper exercise. Often times it is easy to get worn out yourself and forget that your dog has much more energy to burn and laps to run. According to the Animal Foundation, exercise stimulates your dog mentally, helps them with their training, and prolongs their life.

2. Your Dog’s Social Life

Just like people, dogs are very social creatures. Allowing your dogs to have some off-leash fun with their own kind will not only help them get some exercise but will also teach them valuable social skills. They will liken up to new people and dogs easier and they will be less likely to be confused or anxious around strangers. Most importantly, it will raise their spirits and make them more attentive at home.

1. Your Social Life

Not only will a dog’s social life benefit from going to the dog park often, but so will yours! Going to the dog park when you first move to a new area is a great way to meet new friends who generally have the same hobbies and interests as you.

According to Daily Mail, you are statistically more likely to make lasting friendships at the dog park due to physiological reasons and pure interest correlation.

Being a Neal Community resident allows you to visit one of our many dog parks and enjoy a great time chatting with friends and neighbors while watching your dog have the time of his/her life!

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