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Message from Pat Neal on Hurricane Irma

Thursday, September 14, 2017  |  News

To Our Families, Friends and Homeowners:

Tragedies often make us see things from a new perspective. From our family to yours, we extend our sincerest hope that you and yours are safe. We are grateful for the news that the storm was not as severe as expected, though we realize that thousands of our friends and neighbors are still without power and are struggling in the aftermath.

I am humbled by and proud of how our team came together, unified in preparing our neighborhoods for Hurricane Irma, steadfast in the face of near disaster. We are also thankful to our homeowners, who put their faith in our team to build safe homes and provide caring customer service.

The people of Florida are strong and resilient, and I am in awe. This does not diminish the struggles our friends have faced, and the strength that is needed in the days ahead. I pray that we all are able to return to normalcy quickly. Let’s continue to help each other wherever needed, in the spirit of fortitude and compassion.

Pat Neal