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At-Home Easter Crafts

Thursday, April 9, 2020  |  Activities, Lifestyle

With all this time at home, it’s healthy to release a bit of creative energy in the spare time you have. With Easter this weekend, we wanted to share some crafty activities to get you and your family up and moving. In this list, we’ve included decorations for your home in addition to favors you can share with family members after brunch as a sweet surprise.

Flower Stem Straws

Starting off with something simple you can enjoy throughout the spring season. Simply cut dogwood-shaped flowers from paper and decorate the edges with markers or watercolors you have on hand. Then, punch a hole in the center of the flower, and slip the straw through the hole.These dainty stem straws make staying hydrated look cute as can be. It’s a great way to get littles drinking water and a festive garnish to any drink, like this citrusy punch delight.


Washi Tape Easter Egg

Not only are these easter eggs so simple to make, but turn out absolutely adorable with minimal effort. Once made, they can be framed, pasted on the outside of a card or strung together to make an Easter garland. No one will know you only spent just minutes crafting these egg-cellent washi tape Easter eggs.

Floral Favor Boxes

Top a small box with dogwood flowers cut from white paper and decorated with markers or water colors. Hot-glue tiny pieces of green pipe cleaner to the centers, then cut leaves from green paper and hot-glue them to the bottoms of the flowers. Fill the boxes with a treat of your choice, wrap them with twine, and tape the flowers on top. Disperse them amongst your family after Easter brunch for the perfect end to the meal.

Bunny Party Hats

The last craft is for the littles! These bunny party hats were made to help you celebrate the holiday in true bunny style. All you need to make is colored paper, scissors, a permanent marker, glue, a craft knife and some twine. Your “bunnies” will look precious in these party hats and they’ll have lots of fun making them too.