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Why are people flocking to buy new homes in Southwest Florida?

Monday, September 21, 2020  |  News

As more and more people choose to leave big cities, places like Southwest Florida are experiencing a surge of growth. And here’s why they’re choosing to buy new homes in Southwest Florida.


Grand Palm, a Neal community in Venice, FL
Almost 1000 People Per Day Are Buying New Homes in Southwest Florida

According to a recent report, roughly 950 people per day are moving to Florida. And many of them are from Northern cities like New York and New Jersey. In fact, home sales in some parts of Florida have more than doubled since the pandemic. One New Jersey couple who decided to quarantine their family in Florida—and ultimately move there—said, “The pandemic made us reevaluate the way we were living. It gave us the time to reflect.”


Living in Southwest Florida

Warm Weather, Outdoor Living

A natural benefit of living in Southwest Florida is the year-round sun and sweeping natural beauty we enjoy. In fact, you and your family can work and play outdoors no matter the season. And with nothing standing in the way of the healthy lifestyle you crave, your quality of life can be much better when you buy a new home in Southwest Florida.


Bradenton, Florida
Old Main Street in downtown Bradenton, FL
A Vibrant Lifestyle For All

Known for its laid-back lifestyle and exciting amenities, Southwest Florida has always been a sought-after locale. For example, cities like Sarasota, Bradenton and Venice have enough to make every moment magical. This includes museums, shopping, dining, natural beauty and more.


Savannah II floorplan, available at Windward
Building New Homes in Southwest Florida for 50 Years

Neal Communities has been a part of the Southwest Florida community for over 50 years, building thoughtful new homes in some of the area’s most sought-after communities. So whether you’re looking to work from home or simply escape to the laid-back lifestyle Florida provides, we offer dozens of floorplans designed to accommodate all situations. If you’re interested in learning more about new homes in Southwest Florida, contact us today!