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Ultimate Backyard Retreat Tips

Monday, December 9, 2019  |  Lifestyle, News

It’s like a mini-vacation, but in your own backyard! Your style mixed with our expertise will have you getting the most out of your yard and home. We want to help you get the most out of the Florida lifestyle, so please take these tips into consideration when building your own piece of paradise!

Spring for the Water Feature

If you’re building a pool, consider a water feature – or three.  Not only do they look nice and add a touch of glamour to a pool, water features keep your pool water moving, which helps fight off stagnation and sounds very relaxing as well!


Don’t Dig Too Deep

Too many pool-buyers think they need a deep end with a diving board. The vast majority of your pool time will be spent in the shallow end, so don’t devote too much to deep waters.

Materials Matter

Whatever style you pick, invest in high-quality lounge chairs. For example, if you like wood, try something like teak that can stand up to the Florida sun.

Make It Movable

Chances are you’ll be your own pool attendant, so look for light-weight loungers. This way you can easily keep up with the sun as it moves. If you’re looking for something with 360 degree shade, try a cantilever outdoor umbrella.

Keep Things in Arm’s Reach

The secret to being a grillmaster is staying organized and keeping things close at hand. If you don’t have good counter space around your grill, invest in a nice bar cart for your tools, spices and more.


Have a Seat, You Earned It

The other secret to manning the BBQ like a pro is keeping a comfy chair nearby. No one wants to be on their feet all day – especially a day off – so have somewhere to sit between burger flips.

Comfort is King

Patio furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, so try before you buy to make sure you like the cushion depth, material and softness. After all, you’re the one who has to sit there.


Versatility is Queen

For smaller spaces, think about a setup that you can easily reconfigure. That could mean a table with extendable leaves, or modular seating good for both lounging and dining. This lets you switch from conversation place to dining setup with no fuss.

Even Florida Gets Chilly

Sure, Florida is known for warmth, but there are plenty of nights in Florida that qualify as fire pit nights. And nothing is cozier than sitting outside roasting marshmallows on a cool tropical evening.


Think About Longevity

Fire pits can be metal, brick, stone and more. Whatever material you choose, make sure it is high-quality and made to last (it will be on fire, after all).  Keep in mind that cheaper metal fire pits are especially prone to rusting, and before you know it, the money you “saved” will be spent on a replacement.


And finally, we get to what’s really important – games! Not everyone swims or eats BBQ or likes to just sit and talk, but everyone loves a good game. Have a few go-to outdoor games that you can break out to get everyone involved in the fun, like:

  • Mini putting green
  • Giant game of jenga
  • Oversized checkers
  • Classic cornhole