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The Five Key Advantages of In-Progress Homes

Thursday, December 1, 2022  |  News

When it comes to a quicker homebuying route, many opt to purchase an in-progress home. Built with the level of quality you have come to expect from Neal Communities, these homes have plenty of great features and design perks if you’re experiencing a time crunch! Here are the five key advantages of choosing one:

1. Designers Carefully Choose Your Interior Options

Many first-time homebuyers can be overwhelmed by the decisions that go into interior design. What colors work together? What additional features should you include?

An in-progress home takes the weight of these decisions off your shoulders. Our qualified, professional designers have taken their knowledge and eye for décor to provide these homes with luxurious designs and a few upgrades! By getting the most experienced opinion for your floorplan, you can rest assured that the interior will provide the feeling of “home” the moment you step inside!

2. Time Constraints Are Less Problematic

When moving from one home to another, time constraints can be a major roadblock in the homebuying process. Many buyers have busy lifestyles and limited time to spare. These homes are already in progress, allowing us to complete them in a shorter timeframe while you have enough time to plan your move.

3. Locations That Are Ideal

We believe that Where You Live Matters – your chosen community and the surrounding area should contribute to you and your family’s growth. Neal Communities’ in-progress homes are built in the most desirable neighborhoods throughout Southwest Florida. This is a great feature not only for your family while you are living in the home, but it also helps with resale value when you decide to sell your house in the future.

4. An Easier Out-of-State Move

If you are a homebuyer looking into moving from one state to another, you run the possibility of dealing with interim living. These homes minimize the issue of interim living and provide you with a beautiful home in little to no time.

5. Most of All, You Can Enjoy Your New Home Soon

The best quality of in-progress homes is in the name; you won’t need to wait long to enjoy a beautiful new home!

As one of Southwest Florida’s premier homebuilders, Neal Communities offers a wide variety of in-progress homes with various floorplans and locations. We provide online listings that allow you to experience them from the comfort of home. If you find a home matching your needs and would like to arrange a tour, contact us here.