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Sarasota Among America’s Top Ten Places to Live

Tuesday, June 28, 2022  |  Community, News

At Neal Communities, we believe where people live has an impact on their lives. We want to create wonderful communities in locations that allow our homeowners to thrive and enjoy life.

As a proud member of the Sarasota area, we were overjoyed to see that the city was named as one of the best places to live in the country by the U.S News & World Report. Sarasota ranked at #9, making it the only Florida city in the top ten. Our communities there embody the Sarasota lifestyle – personal retreats offering an intimate atmosphere located near a host of venues where you can enjoy the very best of Florida living.

While Sarasota is an idyllic vacation destination, there are several key factors underscoring its high ranking on the list.

Quality of Life

Quality of life was more important than ever this year due to the fluctuating housing market. A home is an investment, so homeowners will want to settle down in a location offering a comfortable lifestyle.

Sarasota appeals to a wide demographic – from retirees to families – with many citing the year-long warm weather as one reason. The average temperature is 83.4°F, providing residents with the opportunity to do any beloved activities outside in the fresh air. With the constant sunshine and warmth, you can rest assured that snowfall is extremely unlikely.


The schools and safety of the town are additional reasons families make the move to Sarasota. The city has access to 27 public schools (elementary, middle and high) as well as 57 private schools, providing students with access to a quality education. The current crime rate is far lower than the 2020 national average, making the area a safe environment for all inhabitants to grow and prosper.

Cost of Living

As prices continue to climb in the housing market, the cost of living might make you cross off certain cities from your list. While Sarasota is no exception to escalating prices, it maintained its ranking at #9 on the U.S. News & World Report list from the previous year. One item that helps is how Florida is one of nine states with no state income tax, allowing homeowners to save more money every year.

As additional assistance, the state also provides the advantage of a homestead exemption – providing your Florida home is your primary residence. By obtaining this, you will pay less for certain property taxes, effectively decreasing the taxable value of your home.


What makes Sarasota a desirable location for many? While a tourist destination with a plethora of beaches and a budding food scene, many enjoy the charm and versatility of this unique city.

The true beauty of Sarasota lies in how it combines today’s luxuries with a timeless, seaside ambience. When visiting downtown Sarasota, residents are met with a variety of major stores, fine dining and resorts with local businesses nestled in between. However, when arriving at a spot such as St. Armand’s Circle , residents are able to walk down the streets and discover a host of boutique shops, restaurants and modern art. This duality allows you to explore a large city while enjoying its small-town atmosphere.

Sarasota is well-known for its vibrant arts scene. One location is the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, a historic site demonstrating the state’s rich history with John Ringling’s “Greatest Show on Earth.” Sarasota also hosts no shortage of galleries and outdoor music events, so it makes for quite the immersive experience.

Many also enjoy the booming Rosemary District, a neighborhood providing performances from local artists thanks to the many theatres and dance studios. Over the past decade, this district has seen an explosion of wall murals, highlighting the talent of local and national muralists at every turn.

We are honored to share several of our communities and award-winning floorplans with Sarasota and the rest of southwest Florida. To learn more about the communities matching your needs, contact us here.