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Neal Communities’ Pre-Appointment Checklist

Thursday, December 2, 2021  |  Homes

Buying a new home is both exciting and daunting. You have the freedom to find your ideal location but it comes with no shortage of questions – where do you want to live? Does the spot fulfill your needs? You will be living in a home community for many years, so you should find the one that checks all your boxes.

With over 50 years of experience in homebuilding, Neal Communities has a reputation for developing high-quality homes and the communities they reside in. This commitment to excellence extends to every facet of the home ownership journey, and we want customers to get that feeling of “home” the moment they step into any of our various communities. Our team members will guide you to the place offering everything you want.

Before you start making an appointment, we have several tips that can narrow your search:

1. Create a Home Checklist

Start the search for your ideal community by creating a list of top-priority floor plan requirements (the option for a den, having a second floor, etc.) for your future home. This list will have a two-fold purpose, the first being you ordering desired features in terms of importance. You can separate what is absolutely necessary from what you may not need to live comfortably. Doing this step will give you a better idea of what your new home budget should be. You can then dive into your search knowing you have a financial plan that offers flexibility while ensuring you do not go over a certain limit.

2. Discover Your Options

Once you have an idea of what your home and budget should look like, you can then research the floor plans fitting your needs.

When you find the floor plans matching your needs, spend time factoring in how your customizations will work. Our floor plans feature an interactive plan, allowing you to get an idea of the home’s layout and see how their offered customizations can change the home’s arrangement. If you are still deciding on the right home, many of our options link to virtual tours, so you can navigate a model home from anywhere.

3. Research Your Community

You found a floor plan matching your needs, but several communities offer the option. Continue down the ownership funnel by researching the potential communities on our site. Each of our communities present different offerings, so you should choose the one that provides the most value for you.

When deciding on a community, a few common questions to ask are:

  • What amenities are offered?
  • Is the community near places of importance (schools, medical facilities, restaurants, etc.) to you?
  • What is the area like?
  • How long is the commute to work?

To aid in your research, Neal offers a list of community-specific amenities on their respective community pages. These can provide you with a clear idea of what is accessible in your preferred community as well as the available homesites. Make sure you pick a community that can accommodate your needs.

4. Speak With a Team Member

You’ve narrowed your search down to a few communities but are still wondering which is the perfect one for you. For an additional hand in deciding, you can speak with one of our Online Sales Consultants. Our consultants have a wealth of information about our communities and they can help you decide if your selection aligns with your needs. It can also be valuable to get input from individuals who have already experienced what each community provides, painting a better picture of your life there.

“That’s really where a phone call prior to visiting is incredibly valuable” says Jackie Polino, one of Neal Communities’ online sales consultants. “They [the future homeowner] can narrow down their search or even discover something new about the community that they did not know.”

5. Schedule Your Appointment

Now that you decided on a couple communities of interest, you can schedule the much-anticipated appointments with the New Homes Sales Associates serving your preferred communities. You can call our sales team members or submit an online form to set a time and date to see how a Neal community sets itself apart from the others.

With our awarding winning home plans and industry expertise, Neal Communities will help you find a community that provides you with a true sense of belonging. To learn more about how our communities can help you, contact us here.