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Make Ahead Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Wednesday, November 20, 2019  |  News

One day you’re carving pumpkins, the next, you’re prepping dishes for Thanksgiving! Don’t get caught up in the hassle of holiday cooking. Get ahead of schedule by whipping up these make ahead dishes leading up to Thanksgiving. They will pair perfectly with your turkey and save you lots of time so you can mingle with family before the meal.

Dinner Rolls with Whipped Honey Butter

The ultimate compliment to any meal. Prepare the rolls in advance and store in the freezer for up to two months. You might as well double the batch and save some for Christmas! What really takes these light and fluffy bread rolls to the next level is the whipped honey butter.

Sausage Stuffing

Stress less by getting this stuffing halfway done before Thanksgiving. This savory stuffing is loaded with sage, thyme and sweet Italian sausage. It’s a classic comfort side dish with a Southern twist.

Stovetop Whipped Sweet Potatoes

Make this scrumptious side a few days before the big day and reheat over a low heat on a stovetop.These whipped sweet potatoes are drizzled with a mixture of butter, maple syrup and pecans upon being served.

Green Bean Casserole

Get ready to replace your go-to green bean casserole recipe with this one. Made with fresh green beans, a smooth cream cheese sauce and topped with fried leaks. The leeks give the casserole a more elegant look opposed to canned fried onions. Everyone will be asking for you to share the recipe as soon as they scoop it on to their plate.

Broccoli and Bussels Sprouts Slaw

This crisp and crunchy slaw makes a nice contrast alongside a spread of richly indulgent dishes. Refrigerating the chopped marinated vegetables overnight gives them a more soft texture and allows the raw broccoli and brussels sprouts to soak up all the flavor.