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From Our Families to Yours – Thank You

Wednesday, September 27, 2017  |  Good Letters

Dear Friends,

I hope that life for your family has returned to normal following the disruption of Hurricane Irma.

Here at Neal Communities, we are completely humbled and overwhelmed by your notes, emails and calls of gratitude for building new homes that served as strongholds during the storm. Your heartfelt words of praise have encouraged us and inspired us during an extremely stressful time for all.

Every time I enter one of our communities, and see our homes standing tall with neighbors and families enjoying them, I can’t help but be reminded of why I love the business of home building.  It is humbling and fulfilling to create beautiful communities for families to live, grow and play. There is no doubt that despite widespread power outages and property damage, things could have been so much worse. For this, we should all be extremely grateful.

I want to assure our homeowners of the many benefits that come with building a new home with Neal Communities. Our building standards consistently meet or exceed state safety requirements. With more than 40 years of proven dedication to providing quality homes, we know how to build a beautiful home, with strength from the inside out. We also adhere to strict building requirements like:

  • Steel-reinforced concrete block construction
  • Engineered roof trusses with hurricane strap tie downs for wind protection
  • Storm shutters for every home, which are tested in advance
  • Offering among the strongest warranty standards in the industry. We won’t just build you a new home, we’ll proudly stand behind it.

When you put your trust in us to build you a safe, solid and beautiful home, know that we take that responsibility very seriously. We promise to use the highest standards with the finest features while providing the best value. Because here at Neal Communities, we know that where you live matters.

With gratitude, I remain,

Sincerely yours,

Pat Neal



Dear Mr. Neal,

We are proud owners of home #89 in Estero Place and were extremely grateful to return home last night post-Irma to almost no damage.  While we appreciate the strong standards and care that Neal builds their homes, my husband and I wanted to share an amazing act of kindness by one of your employees.

Neal construction manager Chris Ghannam stopped by our house on Wednesday, September 6th to show us how to hurricane-proof our garage.  It was during this time we discovered our car was having a major mechanical issue and was un-driveable.  We had planned to evacuate that night so were in a state of panic, realizing this would no longer be possible.  Chris immediately stepped in and without hesitation told us he had an extra car, and he’d be happy to loan us it, so we could still evacuate.

We’ve gotten to know and like Chris over the past couple months, while he oversaw construction of our house.  We never expected him to step up in this manner and are still in disbelief at his generosity.  Looking back, it could easily have been a life-saving act, had Hurricane Irma been worse.  We had Chris’ car for the better part of 2 weeks, since our home was without power.  He has been amazing through this whole process, and I have no doubt he would do it again, if he ran into someone in a similar situation.

These are the type of wonderful people you have working for Neal.  We have been a huge Steve Messenger fan since he sold us our house (he also texted to check in on us post-Irma I might add), and now we can add Chris Ghannam to that list.  We would love if you can recognize Chris for the heroism and generosity he displayed, and we invite you to share this story with the rest of the Neal community.

All the best,

Kelly Burke & Chris McMillin


I have a house you built in Central Park Piedmont Park it held strong and the storm shutters were easy to install. Thank you for building a home that is strong and comfy.
– Paul Kivlehan

Agreed! Your team members at your Milano community are top notch! Our house currently under construction was intact. But most importantly I am glad everyone is safe-houses can be rebuilt.
– Leslie Krysan-Stabile

Our Neal home was a fortress during Irma. Thank you!
– Amy Quinlan Swanson

Our home here in Grand Palm is a testament to your high standards Mr. Neal. Thank you!
– Mary Deckenbach McGuire

We have a home in Silverleaf in Parrish. Our home had no damage to it other then a sideway garage light due to the winds from Irma. I have full confidence in the home we built with Neal Communities. As a homeowner I could not be happier about that!!!!
– Marcy Williamson Kleer

Mr. & Mrs. Neal it is a pleasure being a trade partner for your company.
– Carol Armedio

My house in Grand Palm, was built like a tank. Thank you.
– Cindy Caria