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Benefits of Buying in Closeout Communities

Monday, June 5, 2023  |  Homes

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of moving into a new home. Finding one that fulfills all of your needs is certainly exciting, but the feeling of the community you join is just as important. Where You Live Matters, and you want to find a home you love in a neighborhood where you can thrive.

What does my neighborhood offer? How does the neighborhood fit my needs? These are questions you might ask yourself as you search for a home. Many need to experience a neighborhood and its offerings to see if it’s a perfect match, and that’s why buying in a community near closeout can be a great choice. These neighborhoods offer plenty of benefits throughout the homebuying process and after move-in day. Here are the three advantages they possess:


1.) Less Construction – One major factor for any new community is the amount of construction that takes place. For some, it can be exciting to live in the community and watch it develop over the years. For other homebuyers, it can be difficult to envision what the community will be like once complete – and even make it hard to visualize themselves living there.

While still new, a closeout community is near completion, meaning little to no construction traffic by your move-in day! If you’re still deciding if a neighborhood is right for you, a closeout community offers the perfect chance to drive around the neighborhood and imagine your life in it. You would also get to meet fellow residents and hear how they enjoy the community, which can be a huge plus!

2.) Amenities Nearly or Already Completed – Another benefit of our closeout neighborhoods is how you won’t need to wait to enjoy all their offerings. Many amenities such as parks, clubhouses, lakes and sidewalks are normally close to completion during earlier development, meaning you will have the advantage of enjoying these features by move-in day. The amenities allow you to explore your neighborhood and bond with neighbors, creating unforgettable memories and life-long friendships.

 Another bonus to closeout communities is the surrounding area. By the time these neighborhoods near completion, the larger area is well-developed, providing even more opportunities to explore your surroundings and plan new adventures. If neighborhood amenities are at the top of your list, a closeout community can be an ideal option!

3.) Model and In-Progress Homes for Sale: For some, the opportunity to personalize a house from choosing the fixtures to the paint color and trim is a true delight. For others, this can be an overwhelming task.

Closeout communities can eliminate this stress with a variety of in-progress homes. These homes already have the design and details carefully selected by our professional designers, taking the weight of these decisions off your shoulders. Closeout communities also sell their model homes towards the end, making things even easier for homebuyers by offering a home already styled and furnished by PureStyle, our award-winning interior design company.


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