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A Great Home In Grand Park

Wednesday, August 3, 2022  |  Good Letters

Dear Mr. Neal,

I wanted to take a moment to provide feedback regarding a home that Neal Communities is building for my wife and me. Last February we signed a contract to purchase a home in the Grand Park community (a Sandcastle).

I have 45 years of experience in the construction industry, mostly in hospital & healthcare construction. I am a licensed Florida General Contractor (CGC-1512717). I know and understand the phases for design and construction of all types of residential homes & commercial buildings. I have been through the build process hundreds of times. Like Neal Communities. I live with the supply chain shortages that are now an ever-present part of the construction industry.

Right from day 1, it was clear that the processes that Neal Communities had in place to build the home (and build the community) were fabulous!! The paperwork, descriptions and breakdowns for all standard features, for all options; every part, piece, nut and bolt were accounted for! The paperwork and the line­ item descriptions left no confusion. There was no mystery. Electrical systems, elevations, landscaping, cabinetry; every item is documented and detailed clearly to avoid any confusion. In my opinion Neal Communities has one of the best documentation processes I have seen in the construction business. I also noticed Neal Communities does a great job at getting that information and documentation out to field personnel and the Subcontractors. Everyone understood what the specifications required on the home.

As good as the Neal Communities processes are, I have noticed another remarkable attribute your organization has. Your people are amazing! I am very pleased to tell you, the character, commitment and values displayed by everyone I have dealt with in your organization, are extraordinary.

A few people that need to be mentioned: David Sanvidge; since taking over as my sales associate, has communicated with me on a weekly basis. Typical sales associates are focused on selling the next home, not following up with their previous customers. David constantly relays progress, pictures and status updates. The follow-up on David’s part makes me feel like he is walking with us every step of the journey, through the build process.

On site, Alex Castaneda is delivering the highest quality home possible. Being in the construction business myself, I set an extremely high standard for quality and workmanship from the people & subcontractors I employ. It was great to see that Alex demands the same quality and attention to detail from the subcontractors working for Neal Communities. He kept in constant communication to ensure my questions and concerns were being addressed. I would like to recognize Alex for the heroic effort he made to ensure the house was constantly moving forward.Alex did a superb job of orchestrating the entire building process and managing the schedule. When a component or material was delayed due to supply chain issues, Alex made sure all other activities were ongoing. When I had questions, he was always there with his sleeves rolled up, getting it all sorted out.

How a project site is kept, speaks volumes about how the site is run: Is the site a “subcontractor run site” (not clean/ debris everywhere)? Or is the site clean and demonstrates the Project Manager is in charge of the project? Is the PM respected by the site’s subcontractors? It was clear that Alex is fully in charge of his site! The house was always clean and the rough grade always had positive drainage, with no standing water on the lot. Alex’s attentionto detail and his “customer first” philosophy are unrivaled. Alex has the drive and commitment to go far in the construction industry; his future is bright! Alex is truly a Neal Communities rock star!!

I get the feeling from all of your team that they were working for me alone. They make me feel that I am their single, most important customer. All of your team does a fantastic job communicating their portion to me. All ofthem encourage me to call if I have any questions or concerns. Every one of them takes whatever time is required to ensure my total satisfaction. Many have met with me during non-business hours to accommodate my schedule. They all deserve to be recognized for the job they are doing. Simply put, it is truly an outstanding, pleasant andtrouble-free process. Please take the time to convey to your team at Grand Park how much I appreciate the job they are doing and what a beautiful community they are creating!! I would also request that a copy of this letter beplaced in David’s and Alex’s personnel file for future reference.

One last comment; generally speaking, great staff and great team members are reflected through great leadership in an organization. It is evident the executive leadership drives a very high standard of quality; this radiates outward, throughout your organization’s culture. Neal Communities stands head & shoulders above all of the competition. Neal Communities is the premier home builder in Florida!!

Thank you for perfection!

Respectfully yours,

William A. Shevlin (Bill)