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Watch This Home Be Built in Seconds

Monday, December 23, 2019  |  News

Mike Thomas, Purchasing Analyst here at Neal Communities recently moved into Indigo with his family where they built a Silver Sky 2 floor plan. This event was set into motion when a Wisconsin snowstorm nearly jeopardized the family’s annual vacation to Anna Maria Island – and introduced the idea of leaving the Badger State for somewhere with a little more sunshine.

During their last trip to Florida, they set aside a day to take a joyride through Lakewood Ranch and house hunt as they drove through the area’s neighborhoods. While it started out as a leisurely drive, it began to get more serious after seeing that these homes could potentially be a reality for Mike. Eventually, he got the whole family to make the move and they decided to rent for their first year living in Florida.

After they moved, Mike and his wife visited many different communities in the Lakewood Ranch area. He says that he began to notice minor but significant differences between the various builders and their communities.

“I like to think I have a keen eye for construction detail, and it was hard not to notice the quality craftsmanship and friendly, no pressure sales staff found at Neal Communities.”

Mike said that he’s always been fascinated by the building process and seeing projects come together visually. That’s what inspired him to document his own home’s progress, beginning by taking a single photo of the cleared out home site. Mike conveniently lived directly across the street from the home site, so every day he would stand in the same spot and capture a shot, or a couple, of the home as it was being built.

“I visited the site at least once a day, and sometimes even up to three times a day during the process. My goal was to get as many photos as possible so the time lapse would show all the steps involved in the creation of our home in a short amount of time.”

Using these photos, Mike made a time lapse that shows the house being built from the ground up. The video displays months of meticulous construction work in just seconds. See it below!

Mike said, “The video turned out better than expected, but the house turned out perfect! Every step along the way from sale, design, visits with the builder, closing and beyond went as smooth as we could have ever asked for. Now that we are all moved in, I have more time to enjoy all the small details that set Neal apart from other builders.”

We couldn’t be happier for Mike and his family and can’t stop watching the captivating time lapse that he created. If you’re interested in beginning your own home building journey, connect with us on our website to get started!