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Top 3 Tips to be the Best Summer Host
Monday, June 10, 2019  |  Lifestyle, News

Want to be the hostess with the mostest in your Neal home this summer? Take note of our top tips so your event can be the most talked about party of the season.

1. Serve up fruit infused ice cubes for your guests.

Banish the boring ice cubes. Whip up fruit and herb-infused ice cubes to flare up the most simple of drinks. Your guests will surely be impressed when you hand them a drink filled with these pretty cubes.

All you need is a variety of your favorite fruit and herb pairings, filtered water for a crystal clear cube and an ice tray. Chop your assortment of fruits and herbs, place them in an ice tray then top it off with water. Pop them into the freezer for a few hours until they are completely frozen and voila—your glass of water just went from bland to grand!

Click here for a breakdown of the recipe and inspiration for fruit and herb combos.

2. Fill your pool with a variety of pool floats.

Pool floats will certainly make a splash at your next summer party. From extravagant swans to giant slices of pizza, there’s a float for every sort of event. Before your next pool party, pick out a variety of pool floaties that match the theme that you’re going for. Watermelon slab floats are great for a generic summer barbecue while red, white and blue popsicles would make the perfect inflatable to lounge on for the Fourth of July. If you’re looking to splurge on pool floats then be sure to browse Funboy for original luxury pool floats. Bigmouth is another more affordable option with a wide array of products to choose from. There’s no doubt that these will be a hit not only for summer parties but the whole season.

Don’t have a pool? Check out Waterscapes Pools and Spas and you’ll have a pool full of festive floaties in no time.  

3. Get your home guest ready.

There’s a few things that you can do to ensure that you and your home are prepped and ready to go before your guests arrive. Here’s a quick checklist you can run through before the party starts:

  • First, stock up all of your bathrooms with plenty of toilet paper and disposable towels for guest use.
  • Second, baby proof your home by locking any pantries that little hands may be able to get ahold of and if it’s a pool party, make sure to book a designated pool guard for the children. If your event is exclusive to only adults then you can skip this step.
  • Third, set up food trays around your home in the living room, dining room and foyer area. That way the kitchen won’t be swarmed with hungry guests and you can replenish empty trays without stepping on anyone’s toes.
  • Fourth, have a designated area for towels and make sure that there are plenty of them so that pool goers can easily access after their swim.
  • Finally, make sure that you have plenty of disposable flatware, plates, cups and napkins for an easy cleanup.

Now you’re officially equipped to host an unforgettable summer bash in your gorgeous Neal home.

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