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Spring Design Trends
Wednesday, March 11, 2020  |  News

Spring is a splendid time to spruce up your home’s decor. Along with the warm weather, welcome new pieces and experiment with fresh colors. Here are several spring interior design trends that are sure to make your space blossom.

Pastel Colors

Contrast soft tones with vibrant metals to give your home a little bit of edge. Think of pastel pink throw pillows on a couch next to a rose gold lamp. Or a piece of abstract art with a bold metal frame. Either option emulates sophistication.

House Plants

Add some greenery to your home with house plants. Here’s a few that are nearly impossible to kill:

Fiddle Leaf Fig: These trendy trees have more than just lush foliage going for them. Their hardy disposition can adapt to most bright locations (minus direct sunlight). Water generously in the summer and slow it down when winter comes.

Aloe: Its spiky leaves certainly look cool, and they’ll really thrive in your home office’s desk or bedside table. Aloe plants love indirect light in addition to a good soak every week or two.

Ponytail Palm: Officially called the Beaucarnea recurvata, the slow-growing ponytail palm likes basking in a sunny window. Don’t over-water the Mexico native, because its stems work off its reserves.

Textured Pottery

Elevate your coffee or side tables with ceramic art. There’s several options when it comes to decorating your home with pottery. You can arrange them based on their style, add in some plants or group by color to create a completely new look for your living space.

Light Fabrics

Swap out heavy throws and cable knit blankets for lighter fabrics like linen or cotton. Stick to the lighter trend in colors as well; layer whites and pale pinks to add a pop of color to a neutral space.


Place candles throughout your home so you can fill your space with springtime scents. When it comes to designating a spot for your candles, consider the size of each room you’re putting them in. If it’s a larger area like a living room, using a larger candle will allow the fragrance to spread throughout the room. For smaller spaces such as a bathroom, use a smaller candle and just burn one at a time to not overwhelm the space. Some ideal spring scents include fresh lemon and citrus, peonies, gardenias, and other floral tones.

These simple trends are sure to transform your home just in time for the season.




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