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High Praise from Grand Palm
Wednesday, March 13, 2019  |  Good Letters, Homeowner Stories, News

Dear Pat Neal and all of Neal Communities Management,

Rita and I purchased our Neal Home (Grand Palm, Meadow Brook) in February and moved in September and have plenty of good things to say about the process and people you have working for you that deserve mention.

From Dale Key in Sales, to Sheri Roca at the Design Center, and several others along the way, including the always welcoming and smiling receptionist at the Grand Palm models, Cynthia Homick, we have been impressed with the professionalism and demeanor of the staff you have assembled. We can tell they take pride in working for Neal Communities and it shows in how they enthusiastically represent your organization.

We’d like to focus on Steve Tanaka, our Warranty Representative, who in our opinion, is your 2019 Employee of the Year, Month, Week or Hour. Steve has stepped up to handle several of our punchlist/warranty items all with a great attitude and passion. His communication (so important to us) with plans and getting things done has been outstanding.

But it was Steve’s perseverance in getting the stains out of our concrete driveways that has endeared him to us the most. Steve was relentless in finding a solution that was acceptable to Rita and I and we are sure, Neal Communities. I will leave it to Steve to share what his ultimate solution was and I am confident that this will definitely help your organization handle concrete stain problems going forwards. Steve stepped up big for us and turned a disappointment into a success!

We have confidence that Steve will handle all of our warranty needs going forward and look forward to working with him in the future.

Finally, I’d like to add that I occasionally take the time to send out letters like this when service is either fantastic or terrible. Most but not all are positive. I’ve been in the high-tech medical imaging equipment service industry for close to 40 years and recognize good customer service when I see it. I hope you have programs in place to reward and commend employees that represent your organization in such a positive light. I believe Dale, Sheri, Cynthia and especially Steve deserve it.


Dave and Rita Polulak
Grand Palm

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