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Last Minute Valentine’s Gift Guide

Tuesday, February 11, 2020  |  Lifestyle, News

It’s easy to get caught up in everything that’s going on in life and the world in general during this time of year. No one is perfect, and sometimes we forget birthdays, anniversaries and maybe also the fact that Valentine’s Day is just days away. Not to worry–we’ve got you covered with a his and hers last minute gift guide. No matter your budget, there’s something attainable for everyone on this list!

For Him

Sugar Cookies

They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Put this hypothesis to the test with a scrumptious batch of heart shaped sugar cookies iced with velvety cream cheese frosting. The recipe yields about two dozen cookies. Worst case scenario: he tries one and doesn’t like it, then you have the other twenty three to yourself!

Photo Album

Compile cherished moments together into a photo album for you and your significant other to reflect on. Fill it with photos of each other, friends, family and everything in between. You can even add in commentary along with decorative paper and stickers to give it a little flare, but it’s not necessary. Begin this craft by getting yourself a photo album, print out your selected pictures so they fit inside, add in anything extra if you like, and that’s it–you’ve got yourself a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift! 

Weekend Retreat

Treat your special someone to a weekend getaway. Find a few days you’re both guaranteed to be free, peruse flights to varying destinations, find a place to stay and let the countdown to your holiday begin! 

For Her

Floral Bouquet

This is excellent if you can’t be with your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Simply select a bouquet and send it her way. Flowers are a simple yet meaningful gesture that never goes out of style.

Audible Subscription

Audible is the best gift for an avid reader. The company is a provider of digital audiobooks, radio and TV programs, and audio versions of magazines and newspapers. With Audible, she’ll be able to listen to her favorite books from virtually anywhere, anytime she wants. 

Spa Day

Here’s the gift to get if you’re wanting to knock this holiday out of the ballpark. Treat her (and yourself) to a day of pampering with a couple’s spa day. Enjoy facials, massages and hot stones to relieve yourselves of any and all stress.

Pick a gift from the options above and just like that, you’ve won Valentine’s Day on short notice! If you’ve already got your gift then utilize this post for your significant other’s birthday, your anniversary or a gift “just because”.