Tampa’s Best Places to Dine

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As a local builder in Tampa Bay, we are proud of the surrounding area and love everything Tampa has to offer! From stunning attractions to delicious restaurants, Tampa has many benefits for residents to enjoy. Restaurants in particular bring families together for a time of great fellowship and spectacular food. Here are our top 3 restaurants that we believe you should experience as a resident in Tampa, Florida!

La Terrazza Restaurant

This small, Italian gem offers some of Tampa’s finest Italian cuisine. From their signature lasagna to their special veal piccata, La Terrazza sets the bar high for competing restaurants in the area.  Often called cozy and exclusive, you’ll want to give Tripadvisor.com’s top ranked restaurant a try!

Wright’s Gourmet House

An American deli right in the heart of Tampa, Wright’s Gourmet House is the perfect lunch stop for a quick bite to eat. Their signature sandwiches bring local residents in daily while their delicious baked goods keep them coming back for more. If you haven’t tried Wright’s yet, today’s lunch break is the perfect time!

Happy Fish Tampa Authentic Peruvian Cuisine

Last but not least, we can’t exclude Tampa’s favorite South American seafood restaurant, Happy Fish. Priding themselves on their Peruvian background, Happy Fish never disappoints when it comes to seafood and live entertainment on the weekends.

Dining in Tampa is about having a great time with friends and family while enjoying great food in a beautiful city. Just one of the may perks of being a Tampa resident, you can imagine the endless entertainment that it has to offer.

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