Neal's Top 3 Summer Home Tips

Now is the time to start thinking about your next set of decorations that will spruce up your home and awe your friends and family! There are several lovely ways to decorate for the summer months that are occupied with late nights and unforgettable memories. Here are just a few that we really enjoy.

Light it Up

One of the many benefits of summer is the gorgeous whether. However, in southern Florida, it can reach uncomfortable temperatures in the daytime. Fortunately, we are still able to enjoy beautiful evenings outdoors

with friends and family. One way to brighten the environment is to add paper lanterns or outdoor lighting to your entertainment area. Even if the whether turns stormy, you have the opportunity to cozy up in a covered porch that offers a summer vibe.

Summer Scents

Sometimes, achieving the perfect summer aesthetic means more than your design and props! Picking out the right scents for the season brings your home atmosphere to life. Some of our favorites are ocean breeze and cucumber-melon.

Vibrant Colors

Kitchen Image
Whether it’s accent dishes for your dining room or a mix of tropical fruit on display in your kitchen, vibrant colors are always okay to use in t

he summer time. Mixing bright floral, tropical, or nautical-themed dishes with your everyday plates and bowls brings your dining area to life and is sure to impress your friends and family.

Even though we are counting down the days till summer, our beautiful Florida whether is allowing us to get a head start. For more design tips or information on our beautiful homes, contact us today and connect with us on Facebook!