Tips for Decluttering Your Home This Year

Over the course of 2015, we are sure you have accumulated some clutter in your home. With 2016 getting into full swing it is time to get rid of the untidiness and go into the rest of the year with a clean slate. We have come up with some tips for you to declutter your home and get the fresh start you want!

  1. Make a list! Cleaning out your home can often seem overwhelming. The easiest way to avoid this feeling is by creating a list of what you need to do and make this list in order of priority.
  2. Work on a section at a time. Don’t go into this process thinking that you will have a clutter free home in one day. Instead. Tell yourself that whenever you have the time, you will focus on cleaning a certain section of your home.
  3. Create a give away pile. Getting rid of things can be easier if you know they are going to a good home. Donating clothes or anything else is a much better alternative to throwing them away as you know they are going to someone who truly needs them!
  4. Keep it clean. Once you do declutter your home, dedicate time everyday to keep it clean and organized. Something as simple as 5 minutes per day will help maintain the condition of your home!

We hope that these tips help lead you into a clutter-free and stress-free home. Do you have any more tips for decluttering? Share them with us on our Twitter and Facebook! Don’t forget to check back on our website weekly for new blog posts.