Pantone's Color of the Year


As with every New Year, Pantone designates a particular color that will symbolize a snapshot of what the year will look and feel like. Especially in home décor and fashion, these colors will be popping up everywhere very soon.

Pantone did something a little different this year and designated two colors for the year rather than one. The colors are Rose Quartz and Serenity. Both colors are beautiful pastel tones that if incorporated into your home will create a relaxing and peaceful feel.

Throw Pillows

Here are a few simple tips to incorporating these soft and serene colors into your home décor:

Throw Pillows – One of the easiest ways to add any color into your home is by choosing new throw pillows.  When placed over top a neutral toned couch, these pillows will be sure to accent flawlessly.

Accent Chair

Accent Chairs – Another great way to add these colors into your home without drastically changing the design you currently have, is by adding accent chairs. Whether it is in an office, living room, or reading nook, adding a Rose Quartz or Serenity accent chair will blend well with neutral tones while keeping the room light and relaxing.

Side Table

Side Table and Coffee Table features – The last method to incorporating these colors is by adding decorative items to side tables or coffee tables. The items can range from colored flowers, lamps, vases, etc.

It is simple to include these beautiful colors into your home décor by following these tips. What do you think of Rose Quartz and Serenity? If you incorporate the colors of the year into your home, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and tag us in your pictures!