10 Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas

Everyone knows that trees and lights are the must-have Christmas decorations, but past that, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the possible ways of decorating your home for the holidays.

Sure, you can buy some Santa hand towels and call it a day. But getting in the holiday spirit is much more fun when you’re surrounded by festive touches. These 10 easy holiday decorating ideas can come together in 10 minutes or less, but have the potential to make a big impact.

 1.   A festive platter

Grab a serving platter from your kitchen, add some festive greenery and a few ornaments, and display it anywhere in your home. Entry tables, kitchen counters and coffee tables are all great spots.

 2.   Fragrant twig bundles

Tie together a few twigs and herbs like rosemary and thyme with bright red ribbon. You’ll instantly have a fragrant bundle to hang near doorways, on chair backs or anywhere else your heart desires.

 3.   Showcased ornaments

If you have a glass container — a vase, drinking glass, or even wine glass — you’re on your way to the simplest Christmas décor. All you need to do is add a handful of Christmas ornaments, preferably in one or two solid colors or simple, complimenting patterns.

 4.   Pillow “gifts”

Have extra ribbon lying around after wrapping your presents? Tie bows around pillows on the sofa, chairs or beds to instantly turn everyday pillows into festive presents.

 5.   A little eye candy

 What’s the holiday season without a little candy? Display candy canes and peppermints in glass canisters for simple, sweet decorations around your home that double as festive snacks for your guests.

 6.   Card displays

Don’t hide those holiday cards from friends and family in a drawer — turn them into a decorative focal point for your home. Hang ribbon or twine horizontally across an empty section of wall or a bare window, and pin the cards to it for a festival display.

 7.   Florida-style wreaths

This one may require a trip to the craft store, but a homemade citrus wreath is the perfect touch to any Florida home. Grab a circular piece of florists foam and attach oranges, limes and clementines to it using wooden florist’s picks. Then hang it from a door or widow with a thick velvet ribbon.

 8.   Jingle doors

Even something as easy as hanging jingle bells from door handles around your home can make it seem merrier around the holidays. Tie big silver bells on doorknobs with festive ribbon.

 9.   Christmas wishes

Have the whole family write down their Christmas wishes and display them proudly. You can frame them, hang them with your Christmas cards, or even use them instead of place cards at your holiday feast.

10.  Greenery-framed doorways

A simple stretch of garland or seasonal greenery draped around doorframes can instantly transform a room and make it more inviting.