Sherry Doddema is Neal


Neal Communities is more than a company that builds homes, we are a community, we are Neal! Our employees play a huge role in making us such a strong community. This week, we are highlighting Sherry Doddema, who was been with Neal for over 5 years!

Sherry is a “farm girl,” originally from Iowa, where Pat Neal is also from!

“I believe my special bond with Pat is being from Iowa.  The last question he asked me during my interview was, ‘Why should I hire you?’  I told him, ‘Because I’m from Iowa of course!’”

Sherry truly loves working for Neal Communites, and credits part of this to Pat Neal!

“His love for his business (which we all know is also his hobby and what he does for fun!) can be seen every day in the nonstop energy and enthusiasm he gives.  Not only to his family, his business and charities, but also us, his staff. He gets to know each person individually and will always take a minute to stop and talk.”

When asked what she likes most about working for Neal Communities, Sherry’s response was that she likes everything! “The people, my boss, the variety.  I’ve never worked for a homebuilder before and it’s amazing being part of such a large industry.  Exciting to experience all aspects of the business – from purchasing the land to turning the community over to an HOA.  Always something to learn.”

We are so thankful for our hardworking employees, like Sherry! They are what make us Neal.

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