Home is Where the Beach is!

If you live in Florida, consider yourself lucky! Nine of Florida’s Beaches have made it onto TripAdvisor’s Top 25 Beaches in the United States. Find your place in the sun all year long. Here are nine reasons why beach lovers can’t wait to move into their new Neal home!

  1. Siesta Beach- This breath-taking beach is best known for having soft white sand. It’s so white that when the sun hits it, it’s blinding. It's a little bit of heaven on earth and if you are going to visit any beach, this is the perfect one. On more than one occasion, you can see people getting married on the beach. It’s understandable why Siesta was voted the #1 beach in America! Put this beach on your bucket list because you haven’t lived until you’ve seen it!
  2. Saint Pete Beach- Second is the best! Coming in 2nd place is Saint Pete Beach. Start your spring break right and stay in one of the many resorts along the coast. You can find a little bit of everything from small local shops to restaurants. It’s just a small sunset stroll away.
  3. Pensacola Beach–Watch your worries wash away with every crashing wave at Pensacola Beach. See why this beach was voted in the top 5 of the United States. Pensacola beach has beautiful sugar like white sands and crystal clear water. The beach isn’t too crowded either. Hide away at Pensacola Beach or hit up wine bar nearby.
  4. Clearwater Beach- If you’re the adventurous type, Clearwater Beach is the perfect destination. The beach offers jet skiing, parasailing, and much more! If relaxing is more of your thing, there’s enough sand and sun to go around. Feel like you’re on an exotic beach without going too far away from home. No wonder it’s one of the top 10 beaches.
  5. St. Augustine Beach- St. Augustine is a great city with an even better beach! The beach isn’t too crowded or too loud but it is just right! Goldie Locks would have been more than satisfied visiting this beach the first time. She could have even brought the bears along because this beach is pet friendly!
  6. Panama City Beach- This beach is best known for being the spring break hot spot! The promises of memories being made linger in the air. Everyone’s welcomed whether you're a party animal or a real animal.
  7. Fort Myers Beach- The perfect weekend hot getaway.  The main form of transportation here is walking and biking. The Fort Myers beach strip is filled with local beach shops, bars, and even street performers. Explore new sites at Fort Myers beach!
  8. Hollywood Beach- Get the Miami Beach experience without the crowd. This family friendly beach gives you options on activities you can do. Go paddle boarding, rent a cabana and tell your boss you’re having a beach day at Hollywood Beach!
  9. South Beach – No shoes, no shirt, no problem at South Beach in Miami. Feel like you’re worth a billion bucks and be surrounded by even richer culture. South Beach lives up to the hype and promises only the very best of times. If glitz and glamour is your thing then you have come to the right beach.

For all the best beaches around, make the right choice and move into a Neal Community today! Find your place in the sun with Neal Communities and it will find a place in your heart! Your only regret will be not moving in sooner!