5 Tips for Decorating Your New Home


Making your new Neal Communities home uniquely yours is one of the best things about the home buying process.  Here are a few tips to remember when making personalization decisions:

  • Consider lasting styles. Choose colors, styles, and fabrics that will stand the test of time rather than passing trends.  Invest in larger pieces of furniture like your sofa and chairs in neutral colors, while adding color with throw pillows, rugs and artwork.  This would be an inexpensive way to later change the colors of your room when you get tired of it.
  • Tell your story. Your home is your own unique space, so fill it with things that you love. Displaying your personal collections in groups on your living room shelves is a great way to bring your personality into a room.
  • Create an ambiance.  Lighting can enhance the feel of a room. Add lamps, candles , or recessed lighting when arranging your room.
  • Grouping of furniture.  Arrange your furniture to make you and your guest feel comfortable. Use area rugs to define a conversation space when you are working with large open spaces.
  • Choose a theme.  Determine what inspires a room, whether it be a piece of furniture, art work or a collection and design a room with a focus on that.

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