Finding a Home to Grow Into


Do you remember your first home? The living room furniture, the spare bedroom’s design, and the old kitchen table that was handed down to you were probably some of your favorite memories of moving into your new home. Maybe you’ve just purchased your new home and you’re looking at the open space and blank walls that will soon hold up picture frames with your growing family!

Regardless of where you are in life, homes tend to change in style and features as our tastes change, our careers improve, and our family grows into new roles. With all of this change, it is important to find a home that you truly can grow into as you and your family grow and create memories within it.

Because we believe that the right home changes with your needs, Neal Communities is offering a $2,000 giftcard to the winner of our Home to Grow Into contest so that they can furnish a room that needs to make the transition in order to fit their needs.

Entering into the contest is simple! Visit our Home to Grow Into contest page and simply vote between four rooms on the one that you like the most. Each room represents a different stage of a family’s growth. To gain more entries into the contest and have a higher chance of winning the grand prize, click the remaining tabs and complete the question or referral.

Each daily visit earns you one point! So be sure to check on your entry daily in order to have the highest chance of winning a $2,000 giftcard to design your dream room! Keep in mind, no purchase is necessary to win and you have until August 31, 2015!

Are you still searching for a home that you can grow into? Contact Neal Communities for several move-in ready homes and models that were built to make lasting memories in!

Home To Grow Into Contest: Click Here